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Our company is located in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, in the town of Asagiri, an area registered through the Japanese Heritage Association as “the richest hidden village in Japan”.
The company produces ‘Tamogi Mushrooms’ in that nature-rich country town with clean water and clean air.

Nowadays, people are constantly concerned about their health, with lifestyle-related diseases, mental stress and worsening air pollution.
The company’s staff are committed to helping people build a body capable of withstanding all kinds of problems thanks to tamogitake mushrooms.
We are working on our business in a progressive manner.

Founded on 01/03/2013

Meet Akihiro Kawatani



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Japanese and E-mail in English


Fishing, rafting , watching films, driving


Athree Co., Ltd.


After graduating from a university in China, I returned to Japan. I became a rafting instructor, high school teacher, home helper, up to present.

Founding Story:

My first encounter with tamogitake mushrooms was during the hospitalisation of my father, who was suffering from advanced cancer.
Seeing my father suffer, I wanted to find a way to alleviate his pain as much as possible, and in the course of my research I found out about tamogitake mushrooms.

Mushrooms have always been said to be good for you, but the nutritional value of tamogitake mushrooms was outstanding.
The more I learnt about them, the more I was surprised by their power. I was convinced that ‘Tamogi Mushrooms can save people suffering from illness’.
We started producing tamogitake mushrooms, which have very few producers and are considered a phantom mushroom.


If you need any recommendations on where to eat, drink, or hang out in Japan, please ask us! We’re happy to share our favorite spots.


“Bright, happy, energetic and positive”

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