How does it work?

Supplier Studio helps you to set up direct negotiations with representatives of various companies in Japan (suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers/OEM, and more) to assist you in closing successful business deals.

Learning How We Can Best Fulfill Your Business Needs

Finding Your Perfect Japanese Supplier

Video Meetings With Your Favourite Suppliers

The start Of a Succesful Business Relationship

We have supported over
2,500 Companies
around the world

Connect with more than
3,000 CEO’s from Japan

Get acces to more than 
50,000 products
through our network

You can find suppliers who are available to start business in your area.

View product and company information to find the best supplier for you.

The “on-time” (current) information on the Japanese market, supplier companies, Japanese wholesalers, Japanese manufacturers, OEM’s, their representatives, and their products will be available to you.

You can set up meetings with all supplier companies that are interested to do business in your area.

In addition, you can receive communication support such as live interpreter and translations during business meetings and chats with suppliers.

We will assist you in negotiations to obtain the best possible terms and conditions for you.

You will also receive the support you need in terms of contracts, settlements, and logistics.

Our Achievements

More than 2,500 companies from all over the world have already partnered with us to create new business opportunities!

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