Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

COUXU Co., Ltd. is the main company headquartered in Japan,  for Japanese companies we offer various support, as well as Sekai Connect, a system where Japanese companies can view the interests and contact information of overseas companies and contact you directly. Supplier Studio is for the overseas market, overseas companies (you), can register/update your product interests from Japan, and view Japanese supplier & product information. 

COUXU works with Japanese companies such as suppliers, wholesaler, manufacturers/OEM and entrepreneurs in Japan who want to make business partners overseas (you). Since our establishment in 2013, COUXU has supported thousands of Japanese companies with more than 2,000 buyers from all over the world. For more information about COUXU, visit our Japanese website:

We are constantly posting the products desired by overseas companies on the cloud (Sekai Connect). By creating an environment where Japanese companies can access, and make proposals to, overseas companies (you), it is possible to always receive the latest proposals from Japanese companies.

〒113-0033 Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Hongo, 5 Chome−24−2 グレース・イマスビル 4F

Please visit our How It Works and About Us pages for more information.

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