Fluffy Delights: Indulging in Japan’s Heavenly Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are a treat wherever you are in the world. Cheesecakes come in a number of types and flavors, all delicious in their own right. However, it is Japanese cheesecakes that take the trophy in my books.

 Voorbeeld van afbeelding

Japan has mastered the art of making fluffy cheesecakes to be enjoyed by us foreign commoners.

There are countless fluffy cheesecake restaurants in Japan, but the best / most famous one is Rikuro’s in Osaka. Let me be the first to tell you, those fluffy cheesecakes and pancakes were very umai. 

When we went there we only got one fluffy cheesecake, this was a big mistake as they were too delicious to share and cheap at 865 yen per cake. I was with a friend so we should have gotten at least 3, 1 for each of us and 1 to share when we got hungry again, but alas we only split a meager 1. This was by far the best cheesecake I have ever eaten in my life, this says a lot because I can confidently say that I am a cheesecake fanatic. I read a lot about those types of cheesecakes and I always thought that they were over-praising it and that it wouldn’t be as good as the blogs said. But let me tell you, they were. They 100% lived up to the expectations.

The best time to eat it is straight after you bought them, when they are warm and fresh. This adds a whole new element to the cheesecake. The cheesecakes themselves are really soft and light, this combined with the raisins that they put in it results in ecstasy on the tongue. The cheesecake also comes in a cute box that you can fold out and use as a plate after which is really convenient if you ask me.

I definitely recommend this dish to everyone. They are delicious, fast and cheap! I do have to mention that it is not a full meal, you will feel hungry again after 30 minutes or so, but that only means you can eat more!

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