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Beauty and Personal care

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ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics)


14,496,000,000 yen


Patents (including foreign applications), Utility model rights, Trademark rights

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Hosokawa Micron Corporation is a nanotechnology company specialising in the development and manufacture of powder processing systems.Founded in 1916, the company has been a pioneer in powder processing technology for over 100 years and has 21 group companies in 32 locations in 14 countries, providing powder processing systems and related services for all industrial sectors. The company provides powder treatment systems and related services to a wide range of industrial sectors. Applying state-of-the-art powder technology, the company developed biocompatible PLGA nanocapsules in a major national project in 2001 and entered the cosmetics industry in 2002 with the launch of an original cosmetics brand containing PLGA nanocapsules. The cosmetics business has a 20-year track record of domestic sales and is currently expanding into overseas markets, including China.

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Founded on 18/04/1916

Meet Hiroyuki Tsujimoto



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Japanese and English


Karaoke, watching films, eating good food, drinking (wine, whisky)


Hosokawa Micron Co., Ltd.


1988 Joined Hosokawa Micron Co.
2001 Completed doctoral studies at the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chuo University. In the same year, he introduced the innovative PLGA nanospheres technology developed by Professor Yoshiaki Kawashima of Gifu Pharmaceutical University.Since then, he has participated in 11 national projects to develop applications of PLGA nanospheres. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 technical papers, including 48 peer-reviewed journal articles and 22 book chapters. In addition, he has received 11 awards from various segments of academia and industry for the practical application of PLGA nanospheres in cosmetics and DDS.
2011 Appointed Executive Officer of the company
2021 Appointed as Director and Executive Officer of the company
2014-2018 Established Hosokawa Micron Cosmetics Ltd as a business company for the developed technology and became its first president for four years from 2014.

Founding Story:

The nanocapsule technology developed in a major national project (Japan, METI and NEDO) in 2001 was successfully applied to cosmetics, and the Hosokawa Micron cosmetics brand was launched in 2004 to develop the business.


As of September 2022, our company cannot accept guests from abroad due to corona infection prevention measures, but when the ban is lifted, I would like to entertain you with Japanese treats and drinks after our business meeting. Please join me and my staff for a special moment with a meal of wagyu beef, sushi, tempura, etc., and sing along with drinks at the bar, where you can enjoy a live piano band. Our staff will be happy to show you around Kyoto and Osaka when you are staying with us on your holiday as well.


“Every cloud has a silver lining. Fortune is unpredictable and changeable.”

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