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Beauty / personal care

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50,000,000 yen


Pharmaceutical Sales Business (Wholesale Sales Business) Permit No. Daiku No. 00009, Poisonous Medical Material General Sales Registration Number Icho 00021, Advanced Advanced Medical Equipment, etc. Division Permit Number I High Machinery No. 00014, All ministry and agency unified qualifications (until March 31, 7, 7)

Company Introduction:


Our company has been operating as a wholesaler in Japan since 1933.
We handle more than 12,000 items, including medical hygiene products, cleaning products, insect repellents, daily sundries, beauty and health products, baby products, nursing products, etc. We sell products not only from major Japanese manufacturers, but also from small and medium-sized companies that have not yet been distributed abroad.
We have also received high praise from the domestic media, including newspapers, magazines and radio, which have featured us in their coverage.
Our group companies manufacture and sell their own products, so we can also handle OEM requests.

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Founded on 1993

Meet Noriaki Kogure



16 personalities:


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Camp, reading, golf


Kaneishi Co., Ltd.


1 September 2020 Inauguration.

Founding Story:

The company started with the production and sale of hygiene materials and has sought to support people’s affluent lifestyles.


Invitations to beauty and relaxation spas


“There is power in perseverance

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