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Daily miscellaneous goods / beauty

Type of Company:

Trading company

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90,000,000 yen



Company Introduction:


EC sales of clothing decorations, miscellaneous goods, health -related products, and imported pet supplies.

Founded on 05/1950

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Kiyokawa Co., Ltd.


Founding Story:

Our company was founded in 1950 as a clothing material merchant in Tanimachi, Osaka, the largest production area for men’s clothing. Since then, we have contributed to the garment industry for many years. We predicted the shift to overseas sewing of textile products at an early stage, and have worked to establish overseas subsidiaries. Currently, we have a number of offices in Japan and other Asian countries. In addition to local production and sales, our strength lies in our ability to conduct multilateral trade and provide better products at reasonable prices with speed. In recent years, in addition to clothing materials, we have been dealing in a wide range of products such as bags, functional health products, and sundries, and we are making daily efforts to contribute to a healthy and comfortable society. In the future, as international borders become more and more borderless, and based on the idea that “the world is one,” we intend to further expand our overseas bases and make every effort to develop the apparel industry.



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