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Health / medical care

Type of Company:

Beauty / personal care

Number of employees:


Quality Standards:

Supplements are manufactured in GMP-certified plants.


5,000,000 yen


Glammy Plus (registration 6190288) PERFECT NMN 9600 (registration 6397735, registration 6452458)

Company Introduction:


“By utilising ICT, we constantly collect cutting-edge information and utilise our unique product planning and development capabilities to develop D2C business centred on safe, secure and high-quality health food products.
The development of smart devices and media has made it possible for anyone to easily access a wide range of information, enabling them to instantly compare the value and reputation of the things they want and make purchases with peace of mind and conviction.
We continue to take on the challenge of building a planning, development and sales system that can cope with this advanced information society and increase our corporate and social value, so that our customers can live healthy and satisfying days and society as a whole can be happy.”

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Founded on 10/09/2018

Meet Masahiro Hashimoto



16 personalities:


Fluent Languages:

Japanese and English


Kickboxing, shopping


Nature Japan


2000 Became a car salesman
2002 Started his own apparel resale business
2003 Started kickboxing
2007 Moved to Australia
2009 Became founding director of a call centre
2010 Became head of the administration department of an IT company
2011 Finally became president of an IT company (for hire)
2015 Became director of a kickboxing gym
2016 Management position in the Corporate Planning Department of G-Plan Co.
2018 To current position

Founding Story:

Entrepreneur: “Better, faster and more affordable,

Nature Japan was founded by just two people at the end of 2018, with the aim of bringing such products to as many people as possible.

At the time of our founding in 2018, “ordinary” was still the “ordinary” way of life.

But then came the Corona disaster.
What is ‘natural’ is also changing rapidly every day.

It is precisely because of this that we, Nature Japan, are committed to stating the obvious as the obvious.

We are committed to quality and sincerity, and these things are “natural”.

We will not be outdone by the ever-renewing ‘natural’.
We, Nature Japan, are always moving forward.

In the currents of our time, which are like a torrent,
we do not want to be swept away, swallowed up or resisted, but to create new currents.

~We at Nature Japan want to be the new standard.

Half of the history of Nature Japan has been with Corona.
Even so, Nature Japan is here today.
In the four years between 2018, when the company was founded, and 2022, we have relocated a number of times, and our current office is our fifth.
These relocations were not due to unavoidable circumstances, but of our own choice. It is not too much to say that every move is a prosperous one.
You may think that we are restless.
As stated on our website, “We never tire of being ourselves, not even for a day.” That’s what Nature Japan is all about.
Nature Japan started with just two people and now there are seven of us.
We continue to increase the number of products we handle and sell at a rate of at least one per year.
Even at this very moment, we are releasing the next service and the next product. That is us, Nature Japan.

In the future, we may face more difficulties than the Corona disaster.
Even so, we at Nature Japan, accept this as a stimulus and will continue to change.

Today is the youngest and latest day not only for Nature Japan but for everyone.
We want to be the best every day.

We do our best to stay up-to-date and the best we can to be ourselves. That is Nature Japan.


Our company has an office in Shibuya. If you are in the area, please do not hesitate to drop by. It would be wonderful if you could join us even if it’s just for tea time, without the formalities of a business meeting. We may also be able to help you get some exercise during your visit to Japan, so please feel free to contact us.


“The important thing is to live the way you want to.
And to keep doing it.
It will be much more satisfying than having money and living an unhappy life.”

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