The Teamlab Planets Museum is Unbelievable

What is Teamlab Planets?

Now that is an excellent question right there: Teamlab Planets is a museum that is not like any other museum, Teamlab Planets is a museum that uses everything around you in the room as part of the art piece instead of a normal boring old museum that shows paintings like (for example) the Mona Lisa that you can only look at and not interact with.

Teamlab Planets has created interactive rooms that you can physically walk, jump and run in, this makes you feel like you are a part of the art piece and that you are meant to be there. You really get the feeling that the artist has had you in his mind while he was making the art piece.

What can you do in Teamlab Planets?

When you enter the building you first get an instruction video instructing you to take off your shoes and to leave big devices like laptops and such behind in the lockers, after putting your belongings in a locker you are basically free to explore the building on your own. You first start in a hallway that is filled with water where you have to maneuver around to get to the end where you are greeted by a beautiful room with extraordinary lights that light up the area giving it a fantasy-like aura, this especially gets amplified when you look at the glass floor that is installed which creates a spacious atmosphere.

After the light room you walk into a water-filled room where there are beautiful fish projected on the water that gives you the feeling that you are walking in an oasis. The fish will swim around you and they will explode into flowers when you touch them / break the lights. This gives it a very nice touch that adds another interactive element to an already incredible room.

After the fish room you walk into a house of balloons. The house of balloons is basically a room filled with giant balloon-like spheres that change colors and that you can play with and take really cool photos with. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t like to play with big balls?

After your adventure with the big balls you are greeted by a beautiful dome-like room that projects colorful flowers floating all around you. The floor is made out of mirrors that gives it a spacious feeling. This room is probably the most relaxing since you can lay down on the mirror-like floor to relax after your crazy adventures with the previous rooms. The main purpose of this room is to relax a bit and lie down while you look at the ceiling drifting away looking at the beautiful flowers that float around you.

The last room is a room that is filled with actual flowers that hang from the ceiling that are accompanied by the room’s mirror floor and walls that give the room a very spacious feeling. This room is really cool since the aura of the flowers give the room a really nice scent and a very nature-like feeling that you didn’t get in the other rooms. This room has a very calm aura to it which is a nice change of pace after the interactive rooms you previously went through.

The last section of the museum is the garden which contains a really funny cafeteria-like terrace that has crazy benches that you can use to sit on and use as a table. The benches are designed in a maze-like way that gives it a funny look, especially for children. This nice detail that the artists gave to the surroundings of the museum is another indication that the artists have really thought about the experience of the customers.

I 100% recommend going to Teamlab Planets at least 1 time to everybody. It is a great activity to do with your family and / or friends as it doesn’t take too long like a normal museum, but it also isn’t too short: the perfect amount of time. This has been the most fun experience I’ve had at a museum and it will be for a long time.

If there is 1 thing every child on earth knows then that is that museums are boring and for old people. This is a piece of knowledge that every child has in his / her brain since the day he / she was born, but I recently discovered the unthinkable: what if I tell you that there exists a museum that is actually fun for children, parents and grandparents.

You probably read that and thought: ‘he is out of his mind’ but believe me, I am telling the full truth.

The Teamlab Planets museum has done the unthinkable: making a museum fun.

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