Tokyo Dome: A Hub of Entertainment and Amusement

Tokyo Dome is the first ever all-weather multi-purpose stadium in Japan. With a floor area of 46,775m² and a capacity of 55,000 people it is massive. What makes it so special is that the entire stadium is inflated. Within the stain there are 36 pressurized ventilation fans that keep the pressure inside the stadium. The roof is a membrane roof weighing over 400 tons and is kept up solely with pressure. The revolving door entrances keep the air in but upon entry you can feel your ears pop, it is truly a surreal experience. Upon exiting the airflow leaving the dome is so strong you can almost feel yourself being pushed out of the stadium. However, the building itself isn’t what makes the Tokyo dome so special, rather it is the events that happen within. The Tokyo dome is home to numerous festivals and concerts giving it its fame as one of the premier buildings of tokyo. Numerous articles from Bon Jovi to Ed Sheeran and K-pop artist ‘twice’ have sold-out concerts in this stadium. Numerous fairs and expos are also plentiful in the dome. Currently, the dome is also home to the Tokyo giants baseball team and the stadium is large enough to fit a baseball pitch with ease. For our article on going to a baseball game in Tokyo please refer to this link.  This isn’t the only sport played in the tokyo dome however, throughout its history it has been home to boxing and MMA matches, American football matches, soccer matches and even monster truck rallies!

However, it is not just the tokyo dome itself that makes this area a must visit, the area around the dome known as tokyo dome city is just as big an attraction. On the grounds outside the Tokyo dome there is a plethora of malls and shops for all your shopping and food needs. There is also a free admission pay-per ride amusement park. This amusement park is home to the world’s first centreless ferris wheel. That is a ferris wheel without a center that is rotated from the bottom. This is particularly awe inspiring as the thunder dolphin, a 80 meter tall roller coaster with speeds of up to 150 km/h goes straight through the center of this ferris wheel and through a building! This is a surreal sight and significantly adds to the experience. There are also numerous attractions for kids who may not feel like 130 km/h isn’t their idea of Fun. Amazingly for a small fee there is also a range of indoor sports in the Tokyo Dome city synch as one of Tokyo’s largest indoor rinks, bouldering, bowling or baseball! There is also one of the city’s renown spas featuring numerous onsens and jacuzzis for the ultimate relaxation experience. Finally, the TenQ museum exhibits a mystifying array of outer space exhibits to make your trip to Tokyo Dome city even more special with unique 4D cinemas filled with special effects!

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