Unleash Your Inner Pig Lover: Exploring the Charm of Mini Pig Cafés in Japan

Japan is home to some of the craziest cafés you will ever come across, this list includes shibacafés, capybara cafés and many, many more. One of these renowned cafés is a so-called mini pigcafé. Now let me clear things up, this is not a café where you eat mini pigs, which would also be okay. But rather, this is a café where you can enjoy a coffee while being surrounded by mini pigs. This is already pretty cool and a good enough reason to go, but the cheap price and the private (bookable) rooms make the experience even better!


Now that is an excellent question that would be a mystery for everybody who doesn’t live in Japan or has never been to one. Before we can talk about what there is to do at a mini pigcafé, let’s talk about what makes a mini pigcafé so special.nThe most fun thing to do at a mini pigcafé is petting and being around the mini pigs. When you are in the cafë you can pet the pigs and you can have them sit on your lap. This was something that I was not a huge fan of, but my friend who really wanted to go was insistent on petting them together, and so we did. There is also an option for you to buy food for the mini pigs and feed them, this will (ofcourse) be limited to the food the café has available for the pigs (you can’t bring your own snacks and feed them to the mini pigs).


There is no real answer to that question in my opinion, I guess because it is fun? No but to be fair, it was really fun. It is surprisingly relaxing to be around mining pigs who are minding their business and just living life. A mini pigcafé is (in my opinion) the perfect balance between weird and revolutionary, because the thought of being around farm animals and paying for it is really weird for a lot of people. I see that a lot of people think that it is weird until they enter the café. I think that this is the case because many people get the idea that you are around farm pigs, however this is not the case at all. You are actually surrounded by well-behaved mini pigs that are (somewhat) clean.


I went to a mini pigcafë in the first 3 weeks of my journey in Japan, and this was (at the time) the craziest thing I had done / was going to do. I wasn’t that excited about the idea because I thought that the pigs would be farm animals. Looking back, I have no idea why I thought that and why they would ever host farm pigs. When we entered the café we had to change into comfortable slippers and then we were greeted by the dozens of mini pigs who were just living their life. When we actually entered the pig-area we had the option to choose the main room that we would have to share with others, or we could choose a private room. Being the “rich” Westerners that we are, we obviously chose the latter option.

When we entered the private room we were instructed on how to interact with the pigs and how to order drinks . After that they put our 2 companions, Hot-rod and Pikachu (names are changed to secure their identity) into the room. When the mini pigs entered the room it was instant chaos, I started to laugh but was kind of freaked out and my friend had to laugh really hard. This made the pigs somewhat wild as they ran across the room before calming down. When they calmed down they sat on our laps and we could pet them. It was a bit weird at first but you got used to it very fast.


Looking back, it was a really fun experience that is definitely a Japan-exclusive thing. But I don’t think I will ever go to another one. This is because personally I’m not a big fan of pigs and animals in general, I only like to eat them. My friend however would disagree with me. It was definitely cool to have the chance to pet mini pigs, since I will probably never pet another mini pig in my life but that was kind of it. I do advise people to go to the mini pigcafé in Harajuku, Tokyo. But (of course) only if they are fans of pigs or animals in general.

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