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Food and beverage

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10,000,000 yen



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Established in 1893. Products handled include all alcoholic beverages, beverages and condiments.
Our main customers are local retailers and izakayas, and we also wholesale to leisure facilities such as hotels and golf courses.
We started our export business in June 2021, and we hope that many people abroad will taste delicious Japanese alcoholic beverages.
We are working on this.

Founded on 1893

Meet Kazuhiro Yamagishi



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Golf, skiing, kickboxing, manga


Yamagishi Ukichi Shoten Co., Ltd


After graduating from university, I joined Suntory Ltd. in Kyoto, where I was in charge of sales; after eight years I returned to my parents’ home to take over the family business and joined my current company. At the same time, I joined the Junior Chamber of Commerce, where I developed local contacts and honed my ability to think outside the box, and after one year as chairman of the board I became president, a position I hold to this day. I was inspired to get involved in the export business by friends I met at the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Founding Story:

Reportedly, 11 friends from Niigata Prefecture in the north of Japan came out as far as Tokyo to start their own businesses, each in their own field of interest. One of them started making shochu and selling miso, and then began purchasing and selling alcoholic beverages in response to growing demand.


Enjoy a zero% lemon sour in the company’s own yakiniku restaurant. If you wish, we can also take you to a sake bar or a craft beer bar. Let’s drink together!


Virtue of moderation

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