A Thrilling Journey: Witnessing a Tokyo Baseball game

Baseball is something that has become a fan favorite in Japan, packing massive stadiums all across Japan. We went to the Giants vs the Yakult Swallows, this was a very intense game because the Yakult Swallows are on top of the table and they were 6th in the league. The stakes couldn’t be higher. The hometeam (the Giants) that we supported had to win in order to still had a shot at winning the league. We were very excited for this game since we have followed the journey of the Giants ever since arriving in Japan. When we were on our way to the game we could slowly but surely see more and more supporters joining us on our way to the stadium. This gave the lead up to the game an extra kick of adrenaline and tension, since the Giants absolutely had to win this important game.

The stadium and the arrival.

When we arrived at the impressive looking Tokyo Dome we were greeted by a lot of fan shops and restaurants that all prepared their products for this very day. When we exited the train and arrived at the foot of the stadium we were greeted by an official Giants mascot who handed out free shirts so that everybody was able to show their support for their favorite baseball team. This was very cool because this set the tone of the atmosphere around the stadium, seeing all of the orange Giants shirts was a really cool sight and something that I will never forget.

When we entered the stadium we walked around a bit going inside the countless merchandise stores and the restaurants that were across from them. We actually bought a baseball that was signed by one of the players which was very cool. When we entered the actual open-area of the stadium we realized how big the stadium actually was, there were countless seats that stretched on and on. 

The pregame.

The pregame as they call it are basically all kinds of shows and music to keep the fans entertained until the game begins. There were a lot of cheerleaders and mascots dancing and cheering around the field, they did a really good job keeping us entertained while we waited in anticipation for the big game. The cheerleaders also shot baseballs into the crowd for a few lucky winners to take home, this was really cool because it got you to the edge of your seat to hopefully catch a baseball. After the pregame the players of the Giants were introduced 1 by 1 which gave it a very long but exciting feeling knowing that you will see all these players perform in a moment.

The game.

This was it, the moment we had all been waiting for was finally there: the beginning of the game! When the game began the atmosphere in the stadium was very tense and exciting. You could feel the crowd cheering and supporting their team throughout the whole stadium. The first rounds were pretty calm; there were only 2 points on the board by the 4th round. But that is where it got exciting: the Giants picked up their pace and scored 3 points in the 5th round making the score 3-2. We could not be more excited, we watched the game at the edge of our seats and when we saw that the Giants scored 5-4 we cheered as loud as we could. The most exciting part of the game was at the very last moment, a player of the Swallows came up and the score was 5-4 for the Giants. The player had to hit the ball and score a point to settle the score, they would lose otherwise. Alas, the player hit the ball and made a run for it, but the Giants acted quick and were faster than the player, thus outing him and winning the game.

The aftermath.

It still gives me chills looking back at the game. It makes me want to relive it again and again every day of the week, for a baseball fan like me it was the best I could have asked for. I would 100% recommend everybody to go to the Tokyo Giants if they have the chance to at least once. If the chance is there I will go again for sure. It was a day to never forget!

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