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Retail & wholesale trade

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20,000,000 yen



Company Introduction:


“Edute’s philosophy: “Inspiring Parenting Support Company”.

That is Edute’s philosophy. One of the reasons for the declining birth rate in Japan is the image that raising a child is hard work. It is true that raising a child is not easy, but there is even more joy, pleasure and excitement by having and raising a baby. When your baby smiles at you for the first time, when he or she is able to stand up and walk, when the first birthday is celebrated, when he or she enters nursery school or kindergarten, Christmas and Halloween parties, sports days, etc., raising a child gives you many emotions.
EDUTE’s philosophy is to provide products and services that  bring us closer to such touching moments in parenting.

The main departments within the company are the Corporate Sales Department, which serves corporate customers; the Web Business Department, which is in charge of the online shop and SNS; the Product Development Department, which develops products; and the Operations Department, which handles day-to-day order processing and administration and accounting tasks. The first thing employees in all job areas think about is: “Is there emotion there?

  • When displaying Edute products in the shops.
  • When customers find our products on the Internet shop.
  • When developing new products.
  • When responding to customers by telephone or e-mail.

Whether or not the customer is impressed in these situations is the value of the employees at Edute.

In order to live up to these values, we have a code of conduct that our employees uphold.
Some of these are:
1. An organisation that asks how to get things done
2. An organisation that get the job done!
3. Go to the site, don’t be afraid to do the legwork
4. Don’t be afraid to fail
5. The principle of 10% help (a mutual help environment within the company)

Anyway, be positive and take on various challenges. The result is inspiring child-rearing, which in turn leads to a bright and rich child-rearing environment and edutainment that contributes to society. EDUTE is a company that continues to run on this principle.”

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Founded on 2003

Meet Shinya Nakao



16 personalities:


Fluent Languages:

Japanese and English




Edute Co., Ltd.


Graduated from Louisiana State University.
2003 Founded Edute Corporation.

Founding Story:

During his university years in the US, he witnessed poverty and economic disparity and realised that the cause was education.

“If I were to start a business, I wanted to contribute to society through education, so I founded Edute Co.”


I can take you to my favourite sushi restaurant.


Where there is will, there is a way

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